2015 – A moment of reflection

I can sum up the year as a beautiful year. That does not mean everything was on a bed of roses. It means I has been a fulfilling year and I am looking forward to 2016.

At work, there was a huge change. I work at a University and I enjoy my interaction with staff and students. The change of ‘brand’ impacted each of us in different ways. Some were against it others were for it. Not unusual.

Personally, I did not like the idea or agree with the brand change process. Yet, I knew I was in no position to stop the process of change. Change is constant and we cannot go against it. I am used to change hence, I embraced the process. I enjoyed observing and listening to different views. I was in a position to reflect and observe the difficulty people had when faced with change. By the end of the year below is what I came up with;


In my personal life. It was a year of contemplating and improving my self. Monitoring my speech, my actions and how it impacted on people around me. This took me away from my studies. This means my Doctoral program was slowed by a different mode of progress. A mode that made me a happier person.

I am now on holidays. My hope was that my parents to join me during my holidays. When I realised my parents had other plans it was bit too late to plan a vacation that suited my interests. This realisation provided me an opportunity to focus and catch up on my studies. Rather, I was destined to catch up on studies and to share this reflection.

I spent the year doing a lot of reading, listening to interesting Ted talks or other lectures and contemplating. I was also able to create personalised ‘Thank you, farewell and well wishing” cards with reflective thoughts. This was a satisfying experience and a way to express my gratitude to different people. I am still working more of them. It is a joy to see the reaction of the receiver.

On negative thing I understood was that there are people who I consider with high regard who impersonate themselves as good people. In reality they turn out to be really not nice people. They misread me. I feel that they do not even know that their action are of this nature. I feel sad with this observation. On the other hand, I have some wonderful people that gives me hope. I am so glad they are in my life. The reason to write this is for reflection and check on who we hang out with and listen to. We need to observe and learn to take action that does not put ourselves in difficult and negative situations.

One big positive that is overarching everything else is making an effort to love people and every other creation. This is still in working progress and to be continued in 2016. What I can share with you is that it helps me focus on positives and look for the good in everything. It really makes me smile when I catch myself not doing so. It is a meditative process towards calmness.

There was nothing that I could really complain in 2015. Unless I choose to complain about the unpredictability of weather. My main achievement for the 2015 is master the art of acceptance. Due to this mastery I only have the topic of weather to complain about. This cannot be controlled by any human.

For the above reasons I conclude 2015 as a beautiful year.

May you all learn the ‘Art or Acceptance’ and look for the positives to have a beautiful life.

With love

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