Be Happy – Be in Control

How can you be in control when so many things are beyond your control? You can be in control of the most important factor of life. If you want to be happy and successful and to progress throughout your life take control. What is that you can control? Have you got a clue yet?


I have talked about “Know thyself” in my previous article. Now you know the key areas of life. Those are beliefs, family, education, work, and health. In all of these areas you can control what you think, feel and how you act to keep your self happy.


– Thoughts that rushes through your mind. Sometimes in flashes of scenes at other time in whispers and screams. Thoughts is a very powerful tool. The thoughts that passes your mind are conscious and at times there are some that are not conscious. The important thing is you control what you entertain in your mind. You correct your thoughts consciously to assist you to be happy and in control. What you entertain is relevant thoughts that assist to live a fulfilling life.


– Emotions that you feel have an impact on your physical body. There are names given to our feelings. The most obvious once are, happiness, sadness and anger. Which one of these emotions you want to entertain. Definitely you would want to be in full control of your emotion that we call anger. The way we feel is also linked to what we think. They are interrelated. The thoughts you entertain or think often can impact how you feel. What you entertain are them emotions that assist you to be in control and live a fulfilling life.


– Actions you take are usually based on how you feel and think. If you think you are looser and feel sad you may cry. You may also think you are a looser and feel sad and press your lips and not cry. These two different actions have different impacts on our lives. What you say, how you walk or sit and what you eat depends on what you think and feel. Some actions like breathing is automatic but actions like eating are not automatic. Some may just feel like eating or not eating depending how they feel and think. What you think and how you feel is apparent in your actions. These actions will create the life you want.

What I am saying is the above three elements (Thoughts, Feelings and Actions) are crucial to our happiness. Other things contribute to create a life style that we want. These are three element we are in full control.

Now smile 🙂 If you cannot smile without actually thinking about smiling and making an effort you have do have some issues. See how babies smile and young children smile. If you haven’t notice them lately then look out for kids. But not all kids will smile. As we grow up (even at a very early age) we are expose to the society and our beliefs change even about smiling.

Are you now smiling, frowning or have you got a poker face.

Lets do a little activity. Start to think and imagine of something that made you extremely happy. Now feel that happiness the same way when it really happened. Hold that thought and emotion. Now act – smile 🙂 Was it easier to smile?

This is how you control to be happy. How you test your happiness is through sincere smiles. They are effortless and spontaneous. The sign of happiness is effortless smiles by being in control of yourself.

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