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Who are you? What do you know about yourself? How well do you know your your strengths?

It is important to know who we are to live a fulfilling life. To understand ourselves we have to assess our attitudes, knowledge base and actions we have taken. Attitude is the key attribute to Know Thyself out of the three mentioned.

Let us explore the meaning of attitude.


1) a manner or a way of carrying our self:- e.g. She stood in an elegant attitude.
2) a state of mind or feeling:- e.g. He held a positive attitude toward his task.
3) disposition – habitual inclination:- Adam has an easy going disposition.

What is your attitude:

  1. towards yourself?
  2. towards others (men/woman/family members/people from other cultures)
  3. about taking action/ learning/working or vacation?
  4. about money/world

Your attitude is the most important factor in life. Attitude will have to be well understood to impact change and improve your life. We can have positive or negative attitudes towards everything. We can also have pessimistic or optimistic attitudes as well. The attitude we choose will shape who we are and our environment.

It is up to you to choose what you want in life. The life you are in is what you have chosen. You may have chosen the life you have consciously or you may have ended up without much thought given to it. What sort of attitude will be useful to be happy and successful in life?


  1. an awareness or understanding gained through experience of study.
  2. specific information about something
  3. a range of what has been perceived, discovered or learned.

To make informed decisions we need to have knowledge and true knowledge not assumptions. We have to research for facts, opinions and theories. Decisions are made using knowledge and based on our feelings. Feelings play and vital role in decision making. Feelings and emotions are part of the knowledge base we need to understand.

How much information do you have about yourself? What are your strengths and weaknesses in a particular area? What are your fears? What makes you happy? What caused anxiety?

Again it is up to you to learn about yourself and create a life you want.


  1. process of acting or doing.
  2. something done or accomplished.
  3. Organised activity to achieve and objective

You can only bring desired change only through action. Even if you have the right attitude and knowledge without action you will not achieve.

For example; Danni knows that she needs to move on an accept the fact the person she loves is longer part of her life. She survive through dreams and hope. This situation is making her depressed and increasingly creating a feeling of inferiority. She has developed an attitude of helplessness and feels stuck. Danni is on prescribed anti depressants, yet, she feels that the medication is not helping.

What can Danni do to change her current position? Is she getting the right kind of help? Does Danni know herself enough? Does she have the right information? Does she need assistance to take action? OR the big question Does Danni want to change the situation. There must be a strong will to change and improve. Changing is not simple.

To be a successful and beautiful person in and out you must have the right attitudes, knowledge that will be useful to benefit the actions you take. A beautiful person has a mind, body and soul that is well balanced and is happy and joyful in the present.

Assess your life? What do you want? What is your purpose of life? Do you have any goals? Have you got a dream to fulfill? These questions can help you start learning about yourself.

What is your current situation? Are you busy doing one thing after another? STOP for a moment…

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