R4P Services

R4P is a unique service. Compare with other available self-development services and find out for yourself.

These programs are designed to assist individuals to full fill or resolve an issue that is currently pressing and impacting negatively on the quality of life. It offers a journey to progress. To clear your thoughts and be independent and know when and how to seek help from others.

What you achieve through these program are:
1- Find a clear purposes of life.
2- Clarify what you want in life.
3- How to take steps to meet your goals.
4- Ways to be motivated intrinsically.
5- How to live a fulfilling life.
6- Learn and practice how to accept, let go and take action.
7- Learn and practice to be present and happy.
8- Get skills to use in all life situation by learning to adapt.
9- Develop attitudes that assist to take action.

Ten sessions of coaching will be offered with one complementary session with special student rates. Different payment methods are available. Please contact for detail.

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To organise a workshop and kick start to progress. Contact, do not hesitate. You will only gain at no loss.


  • Motivation & Action
  • Balance your life for excellence
  • Increase confidence
  • Completing uni with a smile

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Hesitation hinders progress - take action - you've got nothing loose