The Fair – Met Mörlok – Sunday 18 November 2012

The Fair at Parramatta, NSW, Town Hall was buzzing. People were going in an out of Town Hall. It was a fair for collectors and nerds, I suppose. I walked in and to my right side on the table there were comic books. Not the popular ones that every one knows. I was curious about the drawings of an artist. It was the original art works and how the black ink created the figures and set motion to the pictures made me wonder. I was enjoying, examining and contemplating about the initial drawings of the artist. I was weaving my own story and predicting the story line. I was deeply engaged outlining all possibilities when someone interjected “here is the story you can read it …those are the original drawings” I felt just like a kid when the fun was blighted by the knowledgeable adult. I was determined and continued to complete my story but the initial enjoyment has been spoilt.

An excited young man walked in and started talking about the drawings and this time it was the author himself. We had a discussion about the creation of his comic book. He was a busy young man with a job and a family. He explained his work with much enthusiasm. Athought passed my mind “ I am going to follow and see how he progress”. I liked his approach with the historical rhetoric. Hence, I bought his comic “Mörlok” Issue 1. June 2012. My interest lie in the journey and his progress. Only time will tell.

I am looking forward to his quarterly or biannual issues and curious about how he weaves the story lines. He is hoping to publish 10 or 12 issues of “Mörlok”. A plan with passion and enthusiasm. I am hopeful to explore his second issue sooner than later. My hope is to see the second issue out before the new year or at least for new year.

After getting my issue I went around all other displays. Star Trek and Transformers were hits in the fair. After strolling through the displays I walked out of the Town Hall and at sat on a stone near the play area for young kids. It was a comfortable spot in the shade out of direct sunlight.

I was engrossed in Mörlok– the Years of Fire I read the Historical Timeline and theBackground then enjoyed Daniel’s imagination. His drawings enriched and fuelled my imagination too. I was disappointed that Dèodat the shepherd’s son was killed too soon. Daniel created Dèodat and I have no control. I must fallen in love with fear struck innocent face.

This interlude with Daniel’s first issue thus has given me anopportunity to explore the human nature that enjoys mystics.Throughout, human history we have engaged in creating figures with superpowers of evil and good. The more I contemplate on human nature the more mystified it gets. Yes, we have created nations in the future as Science Fictions, tribes in the outer space and underworld. Our imagination is powerful and limitless. Some are calming and soothing while others are intriguing and horrific.

I wonder what is there to learn and understand from this particular experience. What richness has this comic brought to my life? Yes, an opportunity to contemplate! An opportunity to be inspired and to take action.

Some Possibilities of Actions You Can Take

Action 1-

Go ahead get your copy of Mörlok– the Years of Fire. Share here with me what you think of it.

Action 2-

What is your dream? Figure out. Take action and realiseyour dream.

Action 3-

What is your of purpose of life? Plan and live yourpurpose.

Action 4-

Contact me for exploration for action 1 & 2 or something different.

“… the soul which has no fixed purpose in life is lost: tobe everywhere, is to be nowhere…”- Michel de Montaigne-(1533-1592)



De Lafoix, D. (2012) Mörlok the Years of Fire, Issue 1. June, ISSN 2200-6451, Arceaon Design Studio, Australia

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