I am here to offer what I have gained through my experiences.

My purpose in life is to experience peace and truth and to maintain a balanced life by being of service.

My mission is to accomplish my purpose by being free to have the knowledge and live by example. Listening, helping and adapting to the complexities of life. Upholding justice, truth, respect the environment and progress towards a balanced and happy life.

There is never perfection in us, hence, there is always room for improvement. There is support to help you progress. Just be thoughtful of the path you take to progress.

With my mother. She is an inspiration to progress.

With my mother. She is an inspiration to progress.

I wanted to share this picture as this is a moment with my mother during my childhood. Unfortunately, my Dad was the provider and was away from family when I grew up. I have four brothers who forces me to progress.They are, Mohamed, Ibrahim, Ali and Abdullah, and I have to fight for equality. I was glad to be a girl and be the eldest followed by boys. It was a challenge.

I enjoy traveling to different places. The diversity of cultures enrich the world I live.

My visit to Bhutan in 2011 confirmed my path.

My visit to Bhutan in 2011 confirmed my path.

I was born in Male’ the Capital of The Maldives. A beautiful country. I was educated through a British education system and later in the Australian tertiary education system. Now living and working in Australia for the last 10years. It was challenge to start my life in Australia. Today, I can say I am adjusted to this new environment.

A friend thinks I am…

“A thoughtful and caring friend. An inspirational mother.”
-Fiona, NSW-

due to my happy nature and few colleagues think…

“Are you up to something.”

I reply with a smile “I am always up to something.” and we have a laugh. It is such a nice to have happy and relaxed people around.

I am a mother of two wonderful kids. My daughter is a married and enjoying her life. It is such an achievement to see kids doing well. My son is on his journey to become a man of high esteem. Only God knows their destiny. I am blessed to have them as my children.

I hope to inspire you. Join me to reach for excellence in our lives!

Currently completing a Doctorate at the Atlantic International University. It is a nontraditional educational institutes that caters for my educational needs.

A am also conducting a research in The Maldives.
CHANGE & POWER: Impacts on Happiness

Have a wonderful day

You have the power to become what you want to become