Why create this website?

Because, I know we can all progress towards excellence. Attitude is all what matters. Everything else is just hardwork.

Since 1989 I was searching for something that I felt I was missing. I was married with two wonderful kids. However, I was missing something. That something I did not know. In 2003 I had to face divorce and was helpless, hopeless, confused and lost. I moved with my parents. Later my kids joined me.

I met another man who vowed that he loved and in 2005, I moved with my kids, to his country leaving everything that I was familiar. I trusted a man that showed love in many ways. Yet, after few months the love faded and I was faced with extreme challenges. I felt I have jumped from the frying pan to the fire.

However, after struggling for three years and seeking couple counselling and individual counselling I realised that I cannot go on living in fear. With the help I got from my psychologist I was strong enough to move out and keep my kids safe. On top of my personal challenges I had tough challenges at work too. Hence, I had to seek medical and psychological assistance to sustain and to get better day be day.

Getting through day by day was not enough. I wanted to enjoy and live my life without fear. I was tired of surviving. I started to look for help to find the happiness that was missing in my life. It was hard to get the right kind of help. What I needed was not what I was offered. The experts diagnosed me and labelled me. I was not willing to live as labelled. I knew in my heart there was something I was seeking. As soon as I was exposed to the information I knew what I needed. I took steps and continuously monitored my progress.

There were a lot people who help me. Some more indirectly and others very directly. With God’s blessings I learned skills and strategies as fast as I could and implemented consistently to get through each day and to heal emotionally, be strong physically and be capable intellectually. I am happy that I am able to write that I healed my mind, body and soul. Now I am committed to improve my mind, body and soul and bring continuous progress to my life.

In, 2008, I started actively healing myself. Participated in programs that promised success but failed to deliver. However, with every new experience I learned a lot about me and brought changes consciously and reflectively to improve myself. I listened to people, took good advice, researched on how change my state of mind, how to use affirmation, how to create my own meditation, how to utilise energies, how to focus without loosing focus and enjoy the process with as little pain as possibly I can. I made extreme progress at times and also I have to spend time reflecting and understanding.

It was the power of love that brings such happiness to life that I was missing. It is not your wife, husband, kids, parent or friends or the house, business, holidays that gives you this happiness. It comes within once I realised the power of love I enjoy everything I do and just love everything about life. It is hard to explain in words.

Now that I have found and learned what I was looking for I want to share with you the “Power of Love”. If you are committed and willing to learn, accept yourself and determined to action you are in the right place.

I hope the information and services here will give you an opportunity to heal and progress without going through what I went through. Here, I will share my experiences and techniques that can be used by anyone who want to heal themselves or assist healing a loved one. Once the mind, body and soul are healed all else is well.

You can start the journey with me and feel confident that you will be served with compassion, care and love. Forgive me for the limitations as I know there are many. I only do my best to bring you worthy information that can assist you if you are willing to be open minded.

With God’s blessing I am all well, loved and enjoying life to it full bliss. I am so grateful that I am able to develop this site. Thank you for all who helped me.

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